Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Advance Mass Sender v 4.3

AMS 4.3 is powerfull email marketing software, developed to manage and send mass quantities of emails to a great number of clients. Fast speed, a versatile yet simple interface, and affordable cost
AMS 4.3 new features:
A proxy manager, can randomly select an address from a predefined list, improved email generator by fully emulating Outlook Express, added function of randomizing the x-mailer field, auto-hello function added, help files have been improved.
Main of the features include:
Build-in Smtp server, powerful, supporting packet-sending emails without using the smtp server of your provider allows you do send up to 500 emails a minute using a modem. The unique ability to send through several smtp servers simultaneously allows you to send up to 1500 emails a minute using a fast conection.
Creation from your maillist groups of recipients.
Support for large sender lists - 200000+ addresses per group.
Processing of sender lists: allows you to create multiple projects, adding function, deleting function, search and sorting of your lists, check for duplicates, email syntax, makes it possible to upload html documents.
AMS has a built-in Mail List Validator 1.1 which allows you checking the server for the existance of the email.
AMS has an Html Editor for creating html emails with full support of tables, images and links.
Support proxy servers.
The following features are included in AMS 4.3:
Import maillists from text files(different formats), MS Access, DBase, Paradox, Exel, Win Address Book (WAB)
Basic database filter: allows you to have a Back list (Exclude List) and allows you to not send.
HTML content type support: lets you send HTML emails with any W3C HTML 4.0 compliant tag.
Personalizes emails: creates custom, personalized emails by merging your data from your live databases.
Email preview feature: lets you see how the emails will actually look before they're sent in browser.
Email attachments: allows you to attach a multiply files to be sent to all recipients.
Two merge fields supported: allows you to insert as many two fields from the database.
Incredible speed: capable of merging and mailing 90,000 emails per hour with fast conection.
To, CC, BCC, DirectDelivery, PersonalCopy -email ability
X-Mailer addition: allows you to add an X-Mailer field to the outgoing email (useful for tracking email non-deliverables).
Supports mail server names: in the mail sending configuration screen.
Multiple sending profiles: allows you to use unique return-path, from, reply-to and errors-to email addresses for each project.

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