Wednesday, December 26, 2007

FinePrint v5.03 Enterprise

FinePrint saves ink, paper, time and money by controlling and enhancing printed output. Some of its capabilities are listed below:

Print Preview: Universal print preview with editing capability. Easily add blank pages, delete pages, and re-sequence jobs.

Ink Saver: Provides options to convert colored text to black and skip graphics.

Multiple Pages on a single sheet: Print 2, 4 or 8 pages on a single sheet of paper.

Watermarks Headers and Footers: Watermark, header and footer option allows documents to be marked with the date, time, system variables or custom text.

Forms and Letterheads: Allows the simplified creation of electronic forms and letterhead. The preview feature shows how output will appear before you print it to ensure correct alignment.

Combine Print Jobs: Allows multiple documents to be combined together as a single print job. This is useful for creating booklets based on web pages, etc.

File saving: Save pages and jobs to TIFF, JPEG, BMP, text and FP formats.

Clipboard Support: Any printed output can be copied to the clipboard for easy pasting into other applications.

Double Sided Printing Support: Booklet making and double sided printing are supported with all documents and printers. Booklets create a professional touch to all documents and are easy to read and carry. Double sided printing cuts paper use in half and reduces travel weight.

Paper Scaling: Allows large pages to be scaled to that they fit on standard paper sizes such as letter or A4.

Adjustable Margins: Margin adjustment allows for increased text sizes for better readability, by using more of the printable area on the page.

Gutter Support: Gutter capability provides space for binding documents.

Multiple FinePrinters: Multiple FinePrinters can be created. This allows the creation of "virtual printers" that have different pre-defined settings. For example, you could have a "booklet printer" that automatically prints a booklet or a "letterhead printer" that prints on your letterhead without the FinePrint dialog box appearing.

Easy server deployment: Install on a server as a shared printer for easy group or enterprise deployment.

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