Saturday, December 29, 2007

1st Album Love From The Other Side

Bunga Cinta Lestari - Ingkar

Dewa 19 - Cintaku Tertinggal di Malaysia

Hujan - Bila Aku Sudah Tiada

Letto - Ruang Rindu

Ungu - Kekasih Gelapku

*Please download for own purpose only, and if you like the song, please buy their original album to support the singer.

Goldwave V5.22 Full Version

GoldWave is a professional digital audio editor. It is one of the most popular and highest rated audio editors for Windows. Use it to play, edit, mix, restore, and analyze audio, or apply special effects, such as fade, equalizer, doppler, mechanize, echo, reverse, time warp, noise reduction, pop/click filtering, and more. It is perfect for voice-over or dictation work, editing music for dance programs, creating podcasts, restoring audio from old vinyl records, or just having fun. New files can be recorded from a cassette deck, turntable, radio, microphone, etc. or digitally copied from an audio CD. Real-time visuals are displayed during playback and recording. See audio in ways you've never seen it before. GoldWave supports MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, and many more audio formats and performs batch conversions and processing.

Version 5.2 adds updated FLAC and WMA file plug-ins and several other fixes and improvements.

*Please use for own purpose only

Friday, December 28, 2007

Flash FXP v3.4.1 Full

FlashFXP is an FTP/FXP client that allows FTP transfers directly between two servers (allowing you to transfer files independent of your PC's connection speed). FlashFXP uses a familiar, Explorer-like interface that even the most novice user can master in minutes. It offers features such as drag-and-drop, CHMOD support, SSL/TLS transfer, enterprise-friendly rollout options, firewall and proxy support, strong application encryption, speed limiting, statistics, scheduling, and autoreconnectin


Easy Rapidshare Points 4.0 FULL

Easy Rapidshare Points 4.0

Easy Rapidshare Points is a software for premium account users
to download their own 1MB file to gain their premium points and
renew their account each month for free. (This software has not been tested with collectors accounts.)

With Easy Rapidshare Points, you can gain as much as 43,000 points a month.
This is the best way to get a rapidshare account and also quite useful for premium
account holders as they increase their points too. All u have to do is up load a 1 Mb file the one u have uploaded and paste the link in Easy Rapidshare Points and soo u will be able to add to your points tally.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ardamax Keylogger v2.6

Ardamax Keylogger is a keystroke recorder that captures user's activity and saves it to an encrypted log file. The log file can be viewed with the powerful Log Viewer. Use this tool to find out what is happening on your computer while you are away, maintain a backup of your typed data automatically or use it to monitor your kids. Also you can use it as a monitoring device for detecting unauthorised access. Logs can be automatically sent to your e-mail address, access to the keylogger is password protected. Besides, Ardamax Keylogger logs information about the Internet addresses the user has visited.

This invisible spy application is designed for Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP and 2003.

Keylogger Features:

  • Remote Installer - creates a customized Ardamax Keylogger engine file. You can email this file to your target for remote monitoring.
  • Invisible mode makes it absolutely invisible to anyone. Ardamax Keylogger is not visible in the task bar, system tray, Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista Task Manager, process viewers (Process Explorer, WinTasks etc.), Start Menu and Windows Startup list.
  • Email log delivery - keylogger can send you recorded logs through e-mail delivery at set times - perfect for remote monitoring!
  • FTP delivery - Ardamax Keylogger can upload recorded logs through FTP delivery.
  • Network delivery - sends recorded logs through via LAN.
  • Clipboard logging - capture all text copied to the Windows Clipboard.
  • Visual surveillance - periodically makes screenshots and stores the compressed images to log.
  • Chat monitoring - Ardamax Keylogger is designed to record and monitor both sides of a conversation in following chats:
    • MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger
    • ICQ Pro, ICQ Lite
    • Skype
    • Windows Messenger
    • Google Talk
    • Yahoo Messenger
    • Miranda
    • QiP
  • Security - allows you to protect program settings, Hidden Mode and Log file.
  • Web Update - Ardamax Keylogger can check the availability of updates, download and install them automatically. Thus, the latest version of Ardamax Keylogger will always be installed on your computer.
  • Application monitoring - keylogger will record the application that was in use that received the keystroke!
  • Time/Date tracking - it allows you to pinpoint the exact time a window received a keystroke!
  • Powerful Log Viewer - you can view and save the log as a HTML page or plain text with keylogger Log Viewer.
  • Small size – Ardamax Keylogger is several times smaller than other programs with the same features. It has no additional modules and libraries, so its size is smaller and the performance is higher.
  • Ardamax Keylogger fully supports Unicode characters which makes it possible to record keystrokes that include characters from Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and many other character sets.
  • It records every keystroke. Captures passwords and all other invisible text.

Other Features:

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista support
  • Monitors multi-user machines
  • Automatic startup
  • Friendly interface
  • Easy to install
*Please use for own purpose only

Alcohol 120% v1.9.5

Alcohol 120%, is a powerful Windows CD and DVD burning software that makes it easy to create backups of DVDs* and CDs. In addition, the program lets you store your most used CDs as images on your computer, so you can call them up at the click of a button. Now includes Pre-Mastering function.

Home users make backup copies of their game CDs and movie DVDs*, allowing the kids to treat multimedia disks roughly, without destroying their value.

Librarians and school administrators use Alcohol 120% burning software to archive their institutions' collections of recordable media, protecting themselves against the daily wear and tear that damages discs.

Business users use Alcohol 120% burning software to make duplicate backup copies of software titles, ensuring that they will continue to have access to their licensed software, even if their physical CDs become damaged and unusable. With Alcohol 120% burning software, you no longer have to worry about CDs or DVDs* getting lost, stolen, or damaged. Duplicate discs work just like the originals, and your entire collection can be archived safely.

*Please use for own purpose only

300++ Java GaMes

Here theres a compiled of 300+ mobile games that i use for my sony ericsson phone..There many games inside, alot of Gameloft Games and others Games..List some of the Game Inside : -

Gameloft Games
-Alonso Racing 2006
-Asphalt Urban GT™ 3 - Street Rules (MIDP-2.0) v103
-Diamond Rush
-Gameloft Tennis Open 2007 Feat Lleyton Hewitt
-Gameloft Totally Spies
-Red Faction vXXX
-Superman Returns v1.0.5

Others Games
-Need For Speed Carbon

*if link not working please inform me

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

FinePrint v5.03 Enterprise

FinePrint saves ink, paper, time and money by controlling and enhancing printed output. Some of its capabilities are listed below:

Print Preview: Universal print preview with editing capability. Easily add blank pages, delete pages, and re-sequence jobs.

Ink Saver: Provides options to convert colored text to black and skip graphics.

Multiple Pages on a single sheet: Print 2, 4 or 8 pages on a single sheet of paper.

Watermarks Headers and Footers: Watermark, header and footer option allows documents to be marked with the date, time, system variables or custom text.

Forms and Letterheads: Allows the simplified creation of electronic forms and letterhead. The preview feature shows how output will appear before you print it to ensure correct alignment.

Combine Print Jobs: Allows multiple documents to be combined together as a single print job. This is useful for creating booklets based on web pages, etc.

File saving: Save pages and jobs to TIFF, JPEG, BMP, text and FP formats.

Clipboard Support: Any printed output can be copied to the clipboard for easy pasting into other applications.

Double Sided Printing Support: Booklet making and double sided printing are supported with all documents and printers. Booklets create a professional touch to all documents and are easy to read and carry. Double sided printing cuts paper use in half and reduces travel weight.

Paper Scaling: Allows large pages to be scaled to that they fit on standard paper sizes such as letter or A4.

Adjustable Margins: Margin adjustment allows for increased text sizes for better readability, by using more of the printable area on the page.

Gutter Support: Gutter capability provides space for binding documents.

Multiple FinePrinters: Multiple FinePrinters can be created. This allows the creation of "virtual printers" that have different pre-defined settings. For example, you could have a "booklet printer" that automatically prints a booklet or a "letterhead printer" that prints on your letterhead without the FinePrint dialog box appearing.

Easy server deployment: Install on a server as a shared printer for easy group or enterprise deployment.

*Please use for own purpose only

Advance Mass Sender v 4.3

AMS 4.3 is powerfull email marketing software, developed to manage and send mass quantities of emails to a great number of clients. Fast speed, a versatile yet simple interface, and affordable cost
AMS 4.3 new features:
A proxy manager, can randomly select an address from a predefined list, improved email generator by fully emulating Outlook Express, added function of randomizing the x-mailer field, auto-hello function added, help files have been improved.
Main of the features include:
Build-in Smtp server, powerful, supporting packet-sending emails without using the smtp server of your provider allows you do send up to 500 emails a minute using a modem. The unique ability to send through several smtp servers simultaneously allows you to send up to 1500 emails a minute using a fast conection.
Creation from your maillist groups of recipients.
Support for large sender lists - 200000+ addresses per group.
Processing of sender lists: allows you to create multiple projects, adding function, deleting function, search and sorting of your lists, check for duplicates, email syntax, makes it possible to upload html documents.
AMS has a built-in Mail List Validator 1.1 which allows you checking the server for the existance of the email.
AMS has an Html Editor for creating html emails with full support of tables, images and links.
Support proxy servers.
The following features are included in AMS 4.3:
Import maillists from text files(different formats), MS Access, DBase, Paradox, Exel, Win Address Book (WAB)
Basic database filter: allows you to have a Back list (Exclude List) and allows you to not send.
HTML content type support: lets you send HTML emails with any W3C HTML 4.0 compliant tag.
Personalizes emails: creates custom, personalized emails by merging your data from your live databases.
Email preview feature: lets you see how the emails will actually look before they're sent in browser.
Email attachments: allows you to attach a multiply files to be sent to all recipients.
Two merge fields supported: allows you to insert as many two fields from the database.
Incredible speed: capable of merging and mailing 90,000 emails per hour with fast conection.
To, CC, BCC, DirectDelivery, PersonalCopy -email ability
X-Mailer addition: allows you to add an X-Mailer field to the outgoing email (useful for tracking email non-deliverables).
Supports mail server names: in the mail sending configuration screen.
Multiple sending profiles: allows you to use unique return-path, from, reply-to and errors-to email addresses for each project.

*Please use for own purpose only

Super Email Spider v2.71

Super Email Spider is a fast and reliable way to build targeted email lists using the web. Specify keyword of the search and the spider brings you hundreds of addresses from web sites found by the search engine. This is called targeted email because the harvested emails associated with the keywords of your search and it is targeted to a particular and much more productive audience than justsending mass mailings to people who have no interest in your topic. Our collectorsupports all major search engines, such as google, yahoo. Another greatfeature of the tool is an option to search into domain like .com , .net , .ca It can spider including any html, CGI, PHP, ASP page etc. Super Email Spider saves your email address lists in a text file. And you can import these address to bulk email sender software to send them out.Besides to spider email address, Super Email Spider can also help you to validate, organize, and manage emails found. It is a must for those who want to collect large amounts of email addresses, and target your advertising for your product, website, or business conveniently and efficiently.

The following examples describe typical tasks.
Task description: I need to extract email addresses for Canadian real estate agencies. Actions: I open the Super Email Spider and specify keywords Canadian real estate agencies, and then press button [Start]. Super Email Spider will start to search google, yahoo etc with keyword Canadian real estate agencies and then extract the e-mail address from searched pages.

Professional User Interface. Very easy to use.
Fast email address extraction from the web
Extract email from 22 popular Search Engines
Multi threaded application, allows up to 300 email extractions simultaneously.
Extraction of URL links from specified "start URL"
Extract Email from search engines by specific keyword
Export Email Addresses to a text file, one email per line
Specify number pages defining how "deep" you wish to spider Websites
spiders sites that use frames and hidden pages
Automatically check if an URL is active or not. And automatically ignore all the bad URLs. Automatically remove duplicate URL addresses and don't spider again. Automatically remove duplicate email addresses
Filter out specific emails using wildcard like *spam@* and any other

*Please use for own purpose only

Super Email Verifier V 1.66

Super Email Verifier will verify the validity of e-mail addresses in mailing lists. The program works on the same algorithm as ISP mail systems do. There is no need to disturb your clients and friends anymore just to verify their addresses. It connects directly to their SMTP server to check the address you. It does not come to the message sending.

It disconnects as soon as mail server informs does this address exist or not. Nothing is sent to the recipient. Super Email Verifier can find about 95% of dead addresses. Super Email Verifier can save time and money for businesses who send newsletters to their clients, or any person or business that needs to maintain a clean e-mail contact list. You can only verify no more that 1000 e-mails each time and the verify results cannot be exported.

*Please use for own purpose only