Monday, August 2, 2010

Making $16/day Using Adsense and Blogger

Today I wanna Share All my tips which i have learn from Adsense and SEOs.

1- Make a blog at blogger dot com

2- Blogger Name Should be in English, Related to your Articles

3- Now, Go to Some Articles Websites Like www dot ezinearticles dot com

4- Find the Best Articles for your Blog and Post Daily 5 Articles BUT MAKE SOME CHANGES IN ARTICLE TITLE AND IN ARTICLE BODY.

5- Now You have to have some visitors (between 100 to 150 only).

6- Now Post 100 to 150 Articles in your blog

7- Now Place 336x280 on the top of article (where articles start). and place the 160x600 also

8- Now if you are having more than 100 visitors/day. You will be able to Start Earning But if you are not having Don't be Upset. Keep Posting 5 Articles/day. Because in one or 2 weeks Your Blog will be indexed by Search Engines Specially By The Google

9- I know It Works 98% and 2% Depends upon your work.

10- Your Replies will help me to guide you toward Adsense Peaks.

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