Friday, August 27, 2010

[PC]Battle Mages

Battle Mages (Full/PC)

Battle Mages | PC | 464.44 Mb

Sign of Darkness will send you a wonderful journey into the world of original game Battle Mages. Waiting for you 4 new campaigns, which takes place in a place called Daenmor long before the Shadow of Warlock swallowed the land.The player tries to solve the mystery of the Order of the Guardians. A thousand years have passed since the great battle between the Lord of Chaos and Order of the Force, step by step, life returns to normal. Mage Guild, created by people who have discovered magic properties of the crystal, is considered the most influential organization of the new world. Thank you mages who put an end to hunger and disease, came the golden era. The story begins when a young neophyte had gone to the north in order to become a magician and a member of one of the most ancient and powerful guilds. The student does not know that his teacher would be one of the Guardians, and still does not know that he will serve as a catalyst for the events that shall shake the earth Daenmor.

Battle Mages (Full/PC)

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