Artist: Mayumi Itsuwa
Title: The Legendary Collection

Track Listing
01 revival.mp3
02 koibitoyo.mp3
03 hitohabune.mp3
04 sayonaradakewa iwanaide.mp3
05 aikagi.mp3
06 nokoribi.mp3
07 joker.mp3
08 yakusoku.mp3
09 amenonakano futari.mp3
10 kokorono tomo.mp3
11 towazu tabacco.mp3
12 jungle bym (l'ecrivain).mp3
13 tokino nagareni-torini nare.mp3
14 renai tomodachi.mp3
15 tokei.mp3
16 anatawa totsuzenni.mp3
17 amayadori.mp3
18 dakishimete (aiwayumenoyoni).mp3
19 nakanaide.mp3
20 kamome.mp3

Mayumi Itsuwa (五輪 真弓, Itsuwa Mayumi?) (born January 24, 1951 ) is a Japanese vocalist, composer, lyricist, and keyboardist who made her debut in 1972.

Her first studio album entitled Shoujo was recorded in Los Angeles, with distinguished musicians such as David Campbell, Carole King and Charles Larkey who was King's husband at that time. Owing to her introspective compositions, Itsuwa was often nicknamed "Japanese Carole King", along with other Japanese singer-songwriters like Yumi Matsutoya (who had worked under her birth name "Yumi Arai" during the mid 1970s) and Minako Yoshida.

Itsuwa has gained moderate success on the Japanese albums chart in her early career, and received massive popularity and acclaim through a single "Koibito yo" released in 1980. A song topped the Japan's Oricon chart for three consecutive weeks, and won the 22nd Japan Record Award for "Gold Prize" in a same year. It was covered by the country's legendary singers including Hibari Misora and Noriko Awaya in later years, and became a signature song for Itsuwa.

After "Koibito yo" became a hit, Itsuwa gained popularity also in non-Japanese Asian countries during the 1980s.

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