Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hide Sitemeter In Blogger Or Wordpress

Sitemeter is the most popular stat Counter among webmaster ,sitemeter have its own place among hundred of other sitemeter .Wordpress users are also using statcounter on there website as it is easy to use and help webmaster traking traffic from different sources.But the important and negitive part of sitemeter is that it gets displayed on website whenever you use sitemeter on yours website to track traffic sources .

Many bloggers user are not using sitemeter only due to this reason but if you want to use sitemeter without displaying sitemeter button on you website on free account the you can find this trick provided via Linkentire .

The code use there help you hiding yours sitemeter button from yours website without harming the functioning of yours stats.

Little Note - Above code may harm the TOS of sitemeter also so its better to remove that button official simply via using suitemeter setting .

Click on Manager at the top of you sitemeter after login ,then on left side of that click on Meter Style and select yours favorite sitemeter .If you wanna Hide sitemeter officially then upgrade yours sitemeter account.

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