Saturday, January 17, 2009

[PC] Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry 4 surfaced for both the Xbox 360,PlayStation 3 and PC. The famous game company Capcom launched this beautiful game in the market. Sales and game wise, this is a good move. DMC 4 is fulfilled and packed by superb art direction and great gameplay, all of which make it a great purchase for console gamers. PC gamers have waited many months to give this one a go and now it has finally arrived.

In DMC 4 you are Nero and your love interest Kyrie got kidnapped by baddies. Dante is the hero from earlier DMC games and is a playable character at a later stage in DMC 4. Now, both characters are an awesome addition and they fight in unique ways too. Nero, however, his right arm, the Devil Bringer, can provide some serious demonic-slicing fun.

You need DX10 version to play this game.

The story is, well thats why this game succeeds in reeling you in with its captivating graphics, stunning artwork and brilliantly designed monsters and characters.

This game is so addictive because of the well-balanced character powers -- plus, plenty of combos and different melee and ranged attacks -- are the reason Devil May Cry 4 .It is constant fun and a great challenge.


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