Friday, January 16, 2009

[PC] Ragnarok Battle OFFline

Ragnarok Battle Offline, or RBO is a beat 'em up game for Microsoft Windows created by dojinsoft developer French-Bread.The soundtrack is composed by Raito of Lisa-Rec.
It is a homage and a spoof of the MMORPG Ragnarok Online created by Korean developer Gravity Corporation RBO impressed Gravity Corporation so much that it has been given an official release outisde of Japan.Released as Ragnarok Battle, the game has been distributed in Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and a deluxe package in Korea which comes with its own gamepad.
Level Up! Games also released an english version of RBO available in the Philippines.
However, this release is based only on the initial version of RBO, which does not include the expansions released by French-Bread.There is also an unofficial, fan-made English Translation Patch available for the Japanese version.

Though primarily a beat 'em up game. RBO also contains some RPG elements.
The player created a character from one of six basic classes and one unlockable class, allocate points to the character's stats and skills, and then enter one of the stages.
Up to 3 people can play at once, using keyboard, joysticks or gamepads.

The game had three expansion packs, called "Extra Scenarios". French Bread possibly planned to have more, but no announcements has been made.

System requirements
Windows 2000/XP
DirectX 9
Pentium III or higher - 1GHz
Video card with VRAM 64MB or above
2GB of hard disk space
256MB or more of system RAM


LINK A : Password: mTm


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