Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[PC] Final Fantasy The Lost Hope

The story starts in a town called Takowi where Rheonna, as a member of the Nightbringers, teams up with Viper and Safia to confront a stranger in mean downtown.That stranger is the son of Shadowmaster and of Nitasha,an evil ruler of Spiridia. With Rheonna being exposed to one curse, she often becomes filled with "Dark Fear" a condition that changes her normallife to that of madness. In her quest, her heroes often have to battle her. She has to complete four Trials of Hope, and after succeeding each one, her curse will gradually diminish.She picks up an article after each trial, and will finally use them after defeating the last boss.Raphael, the evil son of Nitasha will pursue them relentlessly throughout the game.

1. Open "Game.ini" with Note pad
2. Edit the file "Game.ini" and change :
Library=RGSS100J.dll to> Library=RGSS102E.dll
3. Save

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