Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adsense Approval Indyarocks

Applying through

Proper Procedure:

1.Change your IP to indian IP(go to make and note down your ip, reboot your modem and then again check your ip if its different). or
USE INDIAN PROXY that supports SSL

2. Get yourself Opera Browser/Safari (or any browser that you dont use regularly) and if you already have it then clear all cookies,cache and your good to go.

3.Apply for and Fill in all your profile details by using any niche of your choice
e.g I chose "Social Work"

just use your imagination e.g. Cricket,Tennis,Save Trees

4.Upload 10 different images but niche related pics from MSN or Yahoo but not from google.

5.Copy and Paste 2 different or original (spun) articles from MSN or YAHOO but not from google. You can also use any blog source from any local magazine that you think its content is not available online.

6.Update your profile picture with something that
should not be:

7.Finally go to "My Life" tab and on RHS click Earnings

and Apply for your google Adsense Account and
Donot forget to associate your with adsense account else there are very high chances that you wont be accepted.

8.Wait for 24 Hrs and Let us know the result.

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