Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prevent Click Fraud

AdSense, my hot advertising program. I use AdSense on almost all my blogs. It is a great program to join. It’s pretty amazing that certain people can earn 4 figure income in a day through Google Adsense.

The worthless news is that there are Adsense Publishers out there are attacked by Click Fraud.

What is Click Fraud? Why is it a worthless news for AdSense Publishers?
Click Fraud is clicks that are purposely created to generate a lot of False clicks in your AdSense Account and make your AdSense Account banned by Google. There are worthless people out there who are trying to destroy AdSense Publishers Account by clicking the AdSense Ads a lot of times (maybe 100 clicks per person or maybe more).

So, your AdSense Account get a lot of False Clicks and Google might ban your AdSense Account.

How Do you want to track These worthless People?
You cannot have a clear idea what is the favourite Ads they like to click and make the most money for you. In your AdSense Account, you can only make use of the Channels feature to track the performance of the Ads.

Channels don't tell you which IP address is generating False clicks on your site. If your AdSense Account is being attacked by False Clicks or Click Fraud, the only thing you can do is to REMOVE the Adsense Ads on your site to PREVENT your AdSense Account from being banned by Google.

Luckily, there is an FREE open source program called the "Adlogger" which can help you to fight Click Fraud on your site.

***You need to be able to use FTP to upload the folder to your website. We can't do so in

What are the benefit of Adlogger?

1. Track and log when a visitor clicks on one of the AdSense ads on your site.
2. Receive an email after every reported clicks (Optional).
3. Receive an email when reported multiple clicks.
4. Secure administrative backend
5. Know the total clicks and the total unique visitors that click on the AdSense Ads on your site.
6. Know the IP address, hostname, user agent, browser information, operating system of the visitor who clicked on the AdSense Ads.
7. Determine which advertisement was clicked by visitors.
8. Get past click performance for a specific date or range of dates.
9. Find your best performing pages.
10. Custom channels that help you to monitor which pages are receiving clicks.
11. Block ads for a specific IP address or range of IPs. (This is a great feature of Adlogger to help you protect your AdSense Account).
12. Automatically block ads for visitors who are clicking too many times within a certain period of time.(This is another great feature of Adlogger)
13. Know exactly when, why, and for whom ads were blocked successfully.
14. You can display alternative advertisements if your AdSense Ads are blocked.

Use Adlogger Today and Protect Your AdSense Account.

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