Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prevent AdSense Ads Blindness

What is Ads Blindness?
Ads Blindness means the Adsense Ads are well-blend on the site and makes it not attractive and not easily observed. This is a bad way to make more from AdSense. You require to blend the AdSense Ads and you need to make it look appealing to get more clicks.

Prevent Ads blindness.
Placing AdSense Ads on a site is quite easy. The hard part is to Optimise it. People always say that we need to blend Adsense Ads on our site to make it look like a part of our site instead of Advertisements. Is this always true? It is true for some websites but not true for all.

If you create the AdSense Ads on your site look really like a part of your site, then you are making ADS BLINDNESS. You want people to click on it. So, the only way you can do this is to Prevent Ads Blindness. Avoid Ads Blindness can be done in several ways.

1. create the colors of the Ads appealing:
Making the Ads appealing doesn't mean that you use different color for the background, if you do so, you will lose even more clicks. The concept of making the Ads appealing is by using color for the Words in the Ads. This can help to make the Ads look attractive and look important for people to click on it.

2. Using frame for the AdSense Ads.
You can create frame using the Adobe Photoshop or any softwares you are familiar with. Use the frame as a background for the AdSense Ads. This will create the Ads more eye catching and attract people to click on it.

3. Put Ads in Posts page.
Placing Ads inside posts is a good way to arract readers attention. When readers are reading your posts, and came across links, they will surely click on it. So, if you put AdSense Ads in your posts page, you can get many clicks from your reviewers.

All the steps mentioned above is good to prevent Ads Blindness. This can ensure you get more clicks and even more earnings from AdSense.

Optimize AdSense on your page, Earn Quick From AdSense.

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