Sunday, February 7, 2010

[AIO] Dreamweaver 8 All In One (2009) - 280 Mb

Summary of new features:
* Online viewing of a real browser with continued access to the code
* Tips on code for Ajax frameworks and javascript
* The "Related Files" for the effective management of the various files that make up a web page
* Navigator of the code that shows all the CSS source code
* Support for Adobe AIR ™ authoring
* Engine CSS, avoid the need to write code
* Create a smart object images through insertion of any documents in Adobe Photoshop DreamWeaver
* HTML data sets
* New User Interface
* Integration of Subversion

Summary of improved features:
* Support FLV
* Built-creation code
* Comprehensive support for CSS
* Educational resources
* Extended Dreamweaver community
* Integration between products
* Cross-support


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