Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Easy $20/day from Adsense

Hi Guys,

Just thought of sharing something with you Here's an easy method to make you $20*** everyday with adsense.

It's really simple and most probably you might have used it but anyways I hope it helps some "How do I earn money newbies".

As you know, there are a lot high paying kw's that pay upto $50 per click (Yes Thats true)

The Method:

1. So Select a medium-high paying keyword (that pays about $12-$15 per click).


2. Be careful to select the keywords which can be of use to common people.. and are not very very specific to only a few people in the world.


Good keyword: auto insurance price quotes
Bad Keyword: dui lawyer phoenix

Now set up a website (use XsitePro or something) and Put G ads into it.

Now that we have a moderate paying keyword, that is of interest to common people and a website. So we are all set to make money. Right?

WRONG! To make some money from it, we need TRAFFIC. About 50-100 visitors a day. Assuming you get 3-4% CTR you'll easily make 20-40 bucks a day.

How to get Traffic?

Getting traffic for such high paying competitive kws is really difficult. NOT.

Use Ezin3 Articles.

Hire a freelancer and pay $1.25-$1.5 / unique article. Submit them to ezine with attractive titles and put your link at the bottom of the article. Submit 1-2 articles everyday and enjoy $20-$50 per day! Ezin3 articles = Traffic!

So that's like 1-2 hours of work everyday (MAX) because once you finish uploading the site, you're not going to do any real work (apart from submitting articles and checking your adsens3 stats)

Go make some money! Now you have no excuse to say "I dunno how to make money!"


I've told you the method. Go Away!

Oh.. I see.. you want to make more money??

Scale it up! Simple.

***Conditions Apply. This Method Doesn't work if you don't take any action.

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